Reverse Robin Hood — robbing the poor to benefit the rich

Here’s a great article by Parker Gallant.  It lists 27 provincial government costs related to wind and solar power that, in most cases, are recouped through increases in residential electricity rates.

Electricity rates are equivalent to a regressive tax, which puts a greater proportionate burden on low income families than on high income families.  These additional costs represent wealth transfers from Ontario families to Big Business.

Read it and weep at .

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  1. Reminds me of my blog entry “Wind Boondoggles” posted over a year ago on 2012 Feb 28. It begins

    Wind can fit into the electric grid. But all too often wind projects are boondoggles, government programs to concentrate the wealth of the nation into the hands of the politically connected, all too often with the cachet of Keynesian economics

    I wrote this article after The Washington Post published my letter to the editor about how both Robin Hood and Don Quixote would be opposed the then proposed Maryland off shore wind program.

    Check my blog entry out at

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