Introducing the County’s South Shore Coalition and its first project

Six County organizations having the natural environment and/or cultural heritage as their primary focus have formed a coalition to bring attention to the County’s South Shore, which it describes as a valuable and irreplaceable resource.

The coalition is asking that the South Shore Important Bird Area be identified in the County’s Official Plan as a Core Area within the County’s Natural Heritage System, where conservation is the preferred land use.  Conservation status would recognize existing and future residential uses, protect cultural heritage features and discourage incompatible development within the area.

Formal recognition of the South Shore in the Official Plan would reinforce the County’s jurisdiction over the unique environmental and cultural heritage assets within this area and help to secure important economic benefits to the County.

Recognition of the South Shore in the Official Plan is an important initiative, with success being more likely through collaboration of the six organizations — not likely achievable by any of the groups acting on its own.

South Shore Coalition Members

Hastings and Prince Edward Land Trust. A non-profit volunteer organization which purchased the 490 acre Miller Family Nature Reserve in 2012 with donations from many local individuals and the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Ontario Heritage Trust. Our Mission: “To work with landowners, our community and other conservation partners to assist in protecting our heritage including wildlife habitat, connecting corridors, wetlands, woodlands, lakes, rivers, streams, scenic landscapes, farmlands and sugar bushes”.  See .

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory. Caretaker of the PEC South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area currently undertaking an update of the migratory bird species and breeding Species at Risk found there. See .

Save our Lighthouses. A heritage organization working with the Land Trust and Bird Observatory to conserve 4 local lighthouses at Pt Petre, Prince Edward Point, Main Duck and False Ducks Islands.  See

Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. Local naturalist club initiated the Important Bird Area, founding member of the Bird Observatory and contributor of research on wildlife habitats across the South.  See and .

South Shore Conservancy. The Conservancy was established to protect the biodiversity of the County’s South Shore. SSC strives to ensure that only appropriate development occurs in the area so that its natural state sustains indefinitely the habitat and species found there.  See .

Point to Point PEC Foundation. Our goal is to protect the Important Bird Area (IBA), wetlands, unique habitat, migration routes for birds, bats, Monarch Butterflies, and the biodiversity. Also, we renew the efforts to establish a Marine Heritage Conservation Area, including the water around Timber, Sweatman, Main Duck and Yorkshire Islands.  See .

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