Get real, Vestas

Vestas turbine burns

A Vestas V80 turbine, owned by Kingsbridge I wind project, burns near Goderich, ON on April 2, 2013

With over 49,000 turbines installed in 70 countries, Vestas is becoming acutely aware that people living near their products are reacting to loss of property values, health problems and avian mortality. So, Vestas produced this 2-minute “Act on Facts” video that shows a young girl cycling through the countryside with soothing background music, while the voice over attributes reactions against wind power to the power of negative emotions, flatly denies the claims against wind turbines, and claims that they can save the planet.

Anti-wind groups, including Ontario Wind Resistance, responded to Vestas’ disingenuous message with an 8:48 effort “on behalf of wind turbine victims everywhere”, that takes clips from the Vestas video, interjects “real facts” with quotes from wind turbine victims, unflattering photos of wind farms, medical effects of the wind turbine syndrome, animal deaths, 2,000 international anti-wind groups, stating that turbines are uneconomical and create more CO2.

Here’s Vestas’ pitch:  <>

Here’s our response: <>

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  1. Supporters of wind….are supported by wind! The windweasels at Vestas will say anything to keep the gravy train, from going off the rails. Too bad Vestas, we will not stop, till the truth is out!

  2. Here is a link to an excellent video clip of a small Vestas turbine in the Copenhagen area:

    Not a welcome neighbour.

  3. Vestas, together with their hangers-on, have said that they are coming for anti wind groups – or words to that effect – in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK. We say ‘bring it on, Vestas, if you think you’re hard enough – oh, and provided that you are not misleading the public(oh sorry; we meant to say ‘in need of re-phrasing’) as you were caught out doing right at the beginning of your so-called Act on Facts campaign’

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