Please help fight off the 37-turbine wind project on Amherst Island

[Here are messages from APPEC and APAI (Association to Protect Amherst Island) asking you to help fight off Windlectric’s proposal for a 36-turbine wind project by submitting comments to the Ministry of the Environment.]

The new year has begun with some disheartening news:  Windlectric’s 36-turbine wind project on AmherstIsland has been deemed complete by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and is now  posted on the Environmental Registry.  As seasoned APPEC members will recall this pushes the wind project forward to the technical review phase, the final phase of the REA approval process.

This posting should send a chill down our collective spines with respect to wpd’s White Pines Wind Project.  The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) continues to act with impunity, issuing approvals for wind projects in the worst places imaginable.

Amherst Island residents have been staunch supporters of anti-wind initiatives in the County,  submitting EBR comments, attending rallies and most recently providing financial support for APPEC’s appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal.  We now have an opportunity to reciprocate by submitting comments on the Windlectric project.   Please set aside some time to support our friends and neighbours on AI.  You might also ask your friends and relatives to submit comments.

We can expect to be going down the same road at some point in this new year.  There can surely be no stronger incentive to submit a comment on the Amherst Island wind project than this.

The message below from APAI (Association to Protect Amherst Island) has information that will be of help in preparing and sending your comment.  APAI has prepared a list of key concerns and would appreciate comments on any of these issues.

Gord Gibbins
Chair, APPEC

Message from Association to Protect Amherst Island (APAI)

Opposition to wind turbines on Amherst Island has entered the next phase and we need your help. This is a plea to join Jean Iron, Ron Pittaway, Dr. Roberta Bondar, and birders worldwide to oppose wind turbines on the Island and in particular adjacent to Owl Woods, world famous as a birding destination and a favourite for life owls.

The Ontario Ministry of of the Environment has invited public comments by March 8, 2014 on a Renewable Energy Approval application by Windlectric/Algonquin Power to build up to 36 industrial wind turbines on Amherst Island.

The posting is here on the Environmental Registry.

You are asked to send one email to oppose the industrialization of Amherst Island by writing to Susanne Edwards, Ontario Ministry of the Environment with EBR 012-0774 in the subject line by March 8, 2014.

To:, with copies to,,, and

Please tell the Ministry in your words why it is important to preserve Amherst Island.  Some key concerns:

  • All of Amherst Island is an Important Bird Area of Global Significance on the Atlantic Migratory flyway and is home to 34 species at risk including Blanding’s Turtle.  Construction of 35 km of roads will fragment and destroy habitat. The Island is internationally recognized for concentrations of wintering hawks and owls with birders travelling from around the world to visit Owl Woods where it is possible to see as many as 11 species of owls.
  • Amherst Island was ranked second in biodiversity significance (Lake Ontario Islands – Northeast), and includes 400 hectares of Provincially Significant Coastal Wetland.
  • Amherst Island is one of Nature’s jewels in Lake Ontario — of similar
    significance to Point Pelee for migratory birds.
  • Too Many Turbines!  Too Close Together!  Windlectric proposes to blanket the Island with up to 36 turbines.  Indeed the entire Island is called the “project area”.  Residents and visitors will be unable to escape noise and shadow flicker.
  • The entire Island is a cultural heritage district with roads that evolved from carriageways.  Roads are not designed to Ontario standards and setbacks are minimal so that transport of heavy equipment will damage structures and cause erosion as well as require road widenings and tree
  • The Ontario Government has no integrated process in place to consider the cumulative impact on Amherst Island of the proposed Windlectric Inc. turbine project, the proposed TransCanada Napanee Generating Station relocated from Oakville, the proposed Lafarge 2020 Cement project, and the existing Lennox Generating Station.
  • Named one of the Top Ten Endangered Places in Canada by the Heritage Canada Foundation (now known as Heritage Canada The National Trust) due to the threat of wind turbines on its rich cultural and natural heritage, Amherst Island is simply the wrong place for wind turbines.

You can learn more about Amherst Island at:

Facebook: .

Thank you for your help.  Need more information?  Please contact .

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  1. Such an ugly, expensive,inefficient and deadly to existing wildlife: annoying disruptive apparatus for such a natural, beautiful home for people and wildlife. Why do we have to even entertain this idea, when there are thousands of acres of land somewhere that don’t bother any collection of people or wildlife. and can withstand this destruction simply because the loss is minimal.

  2. Karen Empringham

    Hi Gary The heading should be 36 not 37 turbines … Karen Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 22:50:16 +0000 To:

  3. Inge and Caspar Radden

    we believe it is cruel and reckless to force unwilling communities and unwilling residents
    to accept those windmill monsters, which endanger their livelihood, health and nature.
    Those future victims are in comparison to the deep pocketed Windmill-Industrialists
    helpless and that is exactly what such so called bullies do: going into areas where the population is small as on Amherst Island, Prince Edward County and others and force them with all undemocratic and ignorant means, misuse of power. Shame onto collaborators !


    If we can’t count on the Ministry of the Environment to protect our fragile and precious area of Prince Edward County and Amherst Island, then they are not doing their job. People, Birds, Raptors, Bats, wetlands and a unique part of Ontario will be gone for good. They are fighting in court to destroy what they should be protecting for our children and the future. How short sighted to ruin this part of Ontario for something we don’t want or need, turbines!

  5. Amherst Island is part of the Major Migration route for birds, and a IBA (Important Bird Area) as such should not be subjected to Industrial Wind Farms. Secondly, the Canadian Government’s studies on the effects of IWTs on humans has not been completed which argues, why would you allow such a project to go ahead when the results are not in? Once built, it will not be torn down. Third, why should a minority of individuals signed for leases benefit while the many lose value on property, succumb to health issues and lose enjoyment of private property and the serenity of the rural countryside? I would think that this is an infringement that will need be addressed by a Charter challenge that addresses the loss of the right to enjoy ones property and use there of. Sites of some turbines will prevent a land owner siting new buildings that find themselves to close to a turbine. If you can’t use your land or subdivide because a turbine site renders your property useless and unsellable, then surly, just cause presents itself in a lawsuit against both the Government and the IWT corporations. Stop this unjust wind project now!

  6. Once built the damage is huge anyway, disrupting the ecosystem and the people population. This was a beautiful beach getaway for tons of mainlanders, anchoring in the sandy shallow bays, but I feel really bad for both the island inhabitants and the wildlife! Where is the justice in this project? people bought a piece of natural paradise that the majority want to maintain and preserve and it is this green energy smack-down and those gov’t officals (Kathleen loser-Wynn) behind these big wheel gravy train deals that are deaf dumb and blind, and criminally responsible for their inactions and subversive actions. Nancy Ryan Torontonian, Pictonite and God knows where: once these things go up! Hello againT.O. and anywhere besides PECounty, the next ghost town, Amherst Island, the next burial site for birds and bankrupt islanders. Igornance, selfishness, and disrespect from those pro wind!

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