Please vote in WCO’s poll re wind turbines vs wildlife

[Here are the final results. Question: Do you approve of Ontario’s birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects? Of 1335 respondents, 97% answered NO, and only 3% (35 people) answered YES.]

Here is a poll being conducted by Wind Concerns Ontario. You can access it by clicking on the link below.

From: WCO Blog Admin

Subject: Take the poll! Should wildlife be endangered for wind power?

Many people don’t know that the Ontario government believes so strongly that the “overall benefit” of wind power is such that it outweighs any danger to at-risk and even endangered species of wildlife in the province. What do you think?

Take our poll, HERE.

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  1. Pauline and Barry Weston

    Premier Wynne should be hung and quartered for her hypercritical behaviour re the wind generation. She has no intention of respecting the peoples wishes and ending this disgraceful waste of this provinces taxes. Maybe if the people in the cities were faced with the electricity bills that we in the county get then she and her party would be tossed out on their collective ears. We, on a fixed income, have received a electricity bill for $533.97. for this month. Most of our usage was off peak and a total of $ 237.61 the balance of our bill was $199.33 for delivery and t$97.03 in debt retirement, Regulatory charges and HST. which means we paid more for all of the extra add on charges than for the product we received and used. Whoopee. We did get 10% credit, for being forcibly enrolled in the Green energy scam, that brought our total expenditure down to $480.57. Incidentally, we heat and cook with propane and wood so our electricity consumption should be a smaller percentage of our monthly expenditure..How can young families thrive when faced with this kind of gouging. How can middle age citizens save any extra retirement money and how can people like us who worked hard and saved what we thought would be a cushion in our senior years only to have our savings rapidly eroded by greedy self serving politicians who want power at any cost. Never has this province had to suffer such an incomprehensible energy policy as this. These people should be jailed for their incompetence not pensioned off into greener pastures. .
    Pauline and Barry Weston

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