Wind turbine control by-law: Thu, Feb 13,1:00 pm at Shire Hall

Are you available to attend the first part of a Committee of the Whole meeting at Shire Hall on Thursday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm?

Warren Howard, a Councillor from North Perth (north of Stratford) and one of the leaders of the Wainfleet Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, will make a deputation to Council.

He is proposing that the County join a coalition of Ontario municipalities to create and defend (in court) a noise / nuisance by-law to regulate the operations of wind turbines.  This is a serious initiative that is based on solid legal grounds.

The by-law will rely on, and leverage, municipal powers that are NOT overridden by the GEA, including:
• Health, safety and well-being of persons;
• Public nuisances; and
• Noise, vibration, odour, dust.

You can preview Warren’s deputation here . Following his deputation, Council will have the opportunity to ask questions. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions of the various Council members.

Warren’s deputation will be early in the meeting agenda, and will be completed before 2:00 pm. If you are able to attend to support this initiative, it will be appreciated.

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