Please vote in poll re support for a wind turbine noise by-law

Quinte News poll 2014-02-14 v2

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[Followup:  The question asked by Quinte News (CJBQ) was:  Should Prince Edward County council donate money to a coalition to help create a municipal noise by-law and defend it in court in hopes of more strictly [sic] control?  After 3 days and 401 votes, the result is a supermajority in favour : YES 76%, NO 24%.]

Please vote in a Quinte News poll on whether the County should help fund the development and defence of a municipal by-law controlling the noise from wind turbines.

Note that the $300K total cost would be shared by all coalition members for development and legal defence of the noise by-law. There are more than 90 potential members: those municipalities that have declared themselves “not a willing host”.

You can access the poll HERE .

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  1. Hi, please note that this voting can only done from one person! If you have more persons in the household then your receive message, that you have already voted!

    This way you are missing many yes votes !

    Obviously they know it is coming from same computer, but that is not a good choice!

    Maybe you can advise how to cope ?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Most polls allow only one vote per IP address (i.e. your Wi-Fi router). If you have a cell phone, another person at the same address can register his/her vote via the cellular network.

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