A PC government will not allow connection of Gilead and wpd wind projects to the grid

For release April 30, 2014

MPP Todd Smith confirms that a PC government will not allow connection of proposed County wind projects to the grid

Prince Edward County, ON — Responding to a request for clarification by CCSAGE Naturally Green regarding the PC Party’s position on wind projects currently “in the pipeline”, local MPP Todd Smith has confirmed by letter that, under a PC government, such projects will not be allowed to proceed if there is no municipal consent.

Smith referred to the text of Bill 42, the Affordable Energy and Restoration of Local Decision Making Act, introduced by Tim Hudak in the Ontario Legislature in 2012. Smith said, “The intention here is quite clear that, regardless of where in the process a project is, provided a project is not connected to the grid, it is our intention not to go ahead with it unless it has municipal consent. Clearly, the projects planned for Prince Edward County do not have municipal consent and thus, would be cancelled.”

Smith reconfirmed the PC Party’s position after consultation with Tim Hudak, and taking account of County Council’s “not a willing host” motion passed on April 23, 2013.

Following receipt of Smith’s letter, Gary Mooney of CCSAGE said, “From the day that he was elected, Todd has been 100% supportive of the several County groups opposing wind turbines on grounds of adverse effects on human health, the natural environment, heritage, property values, the local economy and municipal control. We couldn’t ask more from our MPP.”

Smith’s statement covers both Gilead Power’s 9-turbine Ostrander Point project, already given REA approval but still under appeal, and wpd Canada’s 29-turbine White Pines project, currently undergoing technical review by the Ministry of the Environment.

Informed of the contents of Smith’s letter, Mayor Peter Mertens had this to say, “We are greatly indebted to Todd for his close attention to the concerns of County residents and business owners, and for his support of the position of County Council.”

The exchange of letters between CCSAGE and Todd Smith can be viewed here and here, and the media release on CCSAGE letterhead here.


For more information, contact Gary Mooney at gary.mooney@actel.ca or 613-919-8765.

The CCSAGE Naturally Green website is at www.ccsage.wordpress.com .

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  1. Any government NOT IN power will promise you moon to get elected. A different story when in power. Beside did Premier Wynne not say that the green energy approvals will be halted in 2014 because enough would be in place, no more approvals would not be warranted. Let our vote not be blinded. Gov’t parties are at the end of the same gun. Corrupted by money. However, Todd Smith has been doing his job for the ppl with his hands tied behind his back.

  2. Wynne said no such thing….and if she did, does anyone really believe ANYTHING they say now that they are the ones who are trying to save face after so many scandals. They will not cancel contracts and they have not given democratic power back to communities to decide if turbines are a good mix for their communities, regardless if they have been approved yet or not. The issue of Turbines wouldn’t even be part of the political platform if the Liberals had listened to the concerns of the Rural People in the first place. This has been an issue that has been gathering strength across the province over the past year alone. There would not be some 90 communities that have declared themselves NOT WILLING HOSTS to turbines in an attempt to be heard and educate and warn the rest of the province if the Liberals had listened to the concerns of the rural people. There wouldn’t be some 78 anti wind groups just in the province of ONTARIO alone if they had listened to the Rural Residents fighting to get their democratic rights back.. Instead they were laughed at and called NIMBY. The entire process from start to finish is an embarrassment to this province. The NDP did not step in despite pleas for help and are now recognized to be bed fellow with the Liberals. The PC are the only ones who will step in and for Rural Ontario and all the communities who have suffered and are suffering under the Green Energy Act and Big Wind….their word is better than no word. Does that mean the PC will be able to magically fix all the damage the Liberals and their Green Energy Act have done. NO. But putting a stop to development, taking a good look at its implications, assessing its viability and ensuring that further development will not harm people or the environment before determining if we should go forward is better than the full steam ahead approach of the Liberals and be damned who gets hurt in the process. Giving Municipalities the power to determine whether turbines is a good fit for their community and having control over where they are built and control over the process ensuring the Big Wind companies will be around when it’s time to take them down in 20 years.

  3. From a posting on Quinte News, “Energy in spotlight at all-candidates debate” Q&A from a political debate in Invanhoe, Wed. June 5, 2014. Something is amiss here with what is stated in the letter and what Todd Smith answered when on the panel. eeps. Who do you believe?

    QUESTION, from the audience:
    “””She called the Green Energy Act a money grab benefitting large corporations and called it an insane as she asked the candidates if their parties would stop paying people and corporations to produce energy that wasn’t being used domestically.”””

    ANSWER Todd Smith:

    “”” Incumbent MPP, and Progressive Conservative candidate, Todd Smith, said the FIT program has produced energy that is way to expensive, calling the program hugely inefficient and a job killer.

    He said his party couldn’t tear up contracts already signed under the program, but there wouldn’t be any new contracts, and that there’d be no new big wind farms unless the communities involved actually wanted them. “”” http://www.quintenews.com/

    WELL! I watched “SunNews Channel” last night (Wed. June 5, 2014) airing a program “Down Wind” there it stated that 55 projects were approved for construction. But surely more are on the books. Not sure of when this was taped. Dr. McMurtry was interviewed as well as many others involved.

    What is TRUTH? A wait and see issue. pppfff Someone needs to re-ask the question with quotes from this background letter and see what happens to the answer.

    Candidates debate tonight June 6, Belleville @ Empire Theatre 7 pm.

    We need to know!

    • I checked with Todd Smith. Here is part of his reply to me: The quinte news truncated the quote that I gave, as such it is a misquote. The letter I sent to you still remains our position.

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