Add your name (by May 7) to an open letter to protect heritage views of Mount Tabor and the village of Milford

As an alternative to writing comments on heritage views to the EBR as mentioned in a previous blog post, you may add your name to an open letter that will be sent to the EBR and copied to Premier Wynne and Minister Chan.

This is a new initiative to express collective community concern for Mount Tabor and the village of Milford.

Bruce Dowdell and Liz Driver hope to gather as many names as possible by next Wed, May 7, for submission to the EBR on Thurs, May 8.

If you are happy to have your name added to the letter, please send an email asap to Liz Driver at  with the following information:

Name + how you would like to be represented, e.g., name and address and/or local business or affiliation with local community organization

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    Do not destroy the environment of Prince Edward County with the so called Wynn turbine installations. Please stop the ravaging of Southern Ontario with these monsters. Our future citizens will thank you. You are not acting with greeness or kindness for the uniqueness of our County. Wynn , you said you would listen if any area said they were an unwilling host. Do not lie!


    When you ignor the feelings of the citizens you represent, then you are dictators.

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