Help us by submitting comments to MOE (by May 10) on the wpd White Pines project

Wpd Canada’s application for its 29-turbine wind project, submitted in September, 2012 has now been deemed complete by the Ministry of the Environment, and will now undergo technical review.  Members of the public are allowed 60 days — until May 10, 2014 —  to comment on this project in general, and on their application specifically.

We need to demonstrate to MOE that many people are concerned about this project, and your comment to MOE will be a big help in this regard.

Anne Dumbrille of CCSAGE has composed an analysis of the reports prepared by wpd in support of their application.  It identifies many flaws, omissions, errors, inaccuracies, weaknesses and misstatements in the wpd documents.  You can extract information from her report in areas that interest you, and make your own comments.  Anne’s report is available HERE .

You’ll note that there are no comments in Anne’s report on effects on human health, property values or the local economy.  That’s because the government requires no submissions from developers on these topics!  However, you can submit your own comments on any topic that concerns you and that is specific to the White Pines project.

Ways to submit your comment (refer to EBR Registry Number 012-1279):

  • By email to:  .
  • Online at .
  • By postal mail to: Ramona Afante, Senior Project Evaluator, Ministry of the Environment, Operations Division, Environmental Approvals Branch, Approval Services, 2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A, Toronto Ontario, M4V 1L5 .

Thanks for your help.



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