Here’s a brand new initiative in the fight against wind turbines in PEC

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CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN announces a brand new initiative in the fight against wind turbines in PEC.

Our colleagues at PECFN and APPEC are to be congratulated on their efforts to date before the Environmental Review Tribunal and the Courts. We at CCSAGE Naturally Green have been researching a novel approach to fighting wind turbines and are now introducing it to County residents and businesses.  It will put Queen’s Park, Gilead Power and wpd Canada on notice that their misguided efforts to industrialize the County with wind factories in south County and a transmission line along a 28-km route ending north of Picton, will have serious consequences for all of them.

In 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that if anybody suffers a business loss or reduction of property value because of construction authorized by statute (construction of wind factories is authorized by the infamous Green Energy Act), a claim for compensation, with proof of the loss, can be brought before the Ontario Municipal Board. Despite wind industry propaganda, wind factories have been proven to reduce property values and in the County are almost certain to damage tourism and the hospitality industry, among others.

The material in the accompanying image (newspaper ad) provides more information.  If you believe that your property or your business may be affected by construction of a wind factories in the County, you can put the developers on notice of a possible claim by adding your name to the petition HERE.  Acting in this manner commits you to nothing further.

Please take a moment to read the details and then act. Note: The Provincial election just called should not affect your decision to make your voice heard now, because the outcome cannot be predicted.

Also, please come to the rally to support this initiative on Saturday, May 10, 2-4 pm at the Milford Town Hall.

Thank you for your support of this initiative.


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  1. Fred Chandler

    Construction of a factory for making wind turbines seems to fall under this ruling but does the ruling relate to the erection of a wind turbine tower?

  2. Karen Empringham

    My understanding (as explained to me by a lawyer) is that the ruling applies to the construction of something that was constructed under a statute. In this case, the construction of wind turbines under the Green Energy Act.

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