400 PEC residents and business owners threaten claims for compensation if wind turbines are built here

Naturally Green sign[NATURALLY GREEN signs.  Due to strong demand, we have ordered new signs, which are now available for purchase.  For pickup in the  Picton area, phone 613-476-2700; South Marysburgh, 613-476-7310; Wellington, 613-399-2407, Ameliasburgh, 613-962-6902 .]

At the beginning of May, CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN took ads in local County papers and on CountyLive to point out existing legal rights to claim compensation if the construction of industrial wind turbine factories cause adverse effects to the value of businesses and properties.

Within three weeks, almost 400 County business and property owners indicated they would consider bringing such claims.

What did we do with this overwhelming response?

  • On June 4th, we wrote to the Premier, the Ministers of Energy and the Environment, the leaders of the two opposition parties and the Presidents of Gilead Power and wpd Canada Corporation. Below is a copy of our letter for your information.  You can read a copy of our letter HERE .
  • We notified our colleagues in all parts of Ontario with or threatened by industrial wind turbines of our initiative and its result.
  • We issued a media release to every print and electronic outlet in the entire Province.

We’ll keep you informed from time to time of future developments. Meanwhile, thank you to all respondents on-line, by mail, at our Town Hall meeting in Milford and in response to canvasses on Picton, Bloomfield and Wellington Main Streets.


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