Court of Appeal to hear Prince Edward County turtle case

11th hour reprieve

Eleventh hour reprieve!

For immediate release, June 20, 2014, Picton

Court of Appeal to Hear Prince Edward County Turtle Case

The Ontario Court of Appeal has granted leave and will hear the case involving the threatened Blanding’s turtles of Ostrander Point. In July of 2013, the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal revoked the approval issued by the Ministry of the Environment to Ostrander Point GP. to operate nine wind turbines, citing “serious and irreversible harm” to the turtle population. In February 2014, the Divisional Court reversed that ruling.

Today, the Court of Appeal indicated that it will hear the appeal of this decision. “This is an important step forward in the public’s efforts to protect one of the Province’s most ecologically sensitive habitats” said Myrna Wood, representing the Appellant Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN). In March 2014, the Court of Appeal also halted further construction at the site. The granting of leave to appeal today will continue that stay.

“It normally takes at least a few months for an appeal to be heard. Everyone is looking forward to moving ahead” said Eric Gillespie, legal counsel for PECFN.

For further information, contact
Myrna Wood 613-456-1506 / or
Cheryl Anderson 613-471-1096 / or
Eric Gillespie 416-436-7473 / .

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