Information re PEC municipal candidates — one-stop shopping here!

There is information available to help you decide who to vote for on October 27.  PEC faces many imminent critical challenges, and will benefit immensely by the election of a strong Council.

Gary Mooney created a 27-question All-Candidates Survey.  It provides a wealth of information to assist you in making an informed decision on voting. As well as clarifying the candidate’s views on wind turbines in the County, it includes questions to build a candidate profile, views on the local hospital, and on nine issues:  tax increases vs road expenditures, council size, economic development, police service, council roles and more.

The full survey results for the 29 (out of 35) candidates who participated can be found at .  Excerpts from the survey were also published in The Times in three instalments on October 1, 8 and 15.

CCSAGE invited all candidates to attend a steering committee meeting to present/discuss their positions.  This citizen request was met with a low response rate from candidates for Councillor positions. We thank those who met with or spoke with us.  This includes the following (by order of Ward):

  • Mayoral candidates (100% response): Paul Boyd; Jeff Goddard; Robert Quaiff.
  • Incumbents running for Councillor (10% response): Ward 4 Ameliasburgh Diane O’Brien.
  • New candidates running for Councillor (36% response): Ward 1 Picton – Stephanie Bell, Lenny Epstein, Treat Hull; Ward 5 Athol – Tim Vanhecke; Ward 6 Hallowell – Gordon Fox, Kathryn Noxon; Ward 9 South Marysburgh – Steve Ferguson; Ward 10 Sophiasburgh – Bill Roberts.

All three mayoral candidates are opposed to industrial turbines in the County. Robert Quaiff has actively supported this position, both as the representative of the Wainfleet Working Group (inter municipality group who are “not a willing host” for turbines) and at a recent Association of Municipalities of Ontario meeting. This is worthy of consideration on Election Day.


Anne Dumbrille, CCSAGE Naturally Green

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