A Tribute to Karen Empringham


We at CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN have lost a colleague and dear friend. Karen Empringham died on April 9th after a short and unexpected illness.

Karen was a member of our Steering Committee and one of the three founding directors and the treasurer of our not-for-profit corporation.

Following graduation from Claremont High School, Karen obtained her B.A. degree in Commerce and Fine Art from the University of Toronto. For many years she held the position of Director of Administration at Vermeulens, one of North America’s leading Construction Economists located in Richmond Hill, and did so at her death. This senior position required her to commute for part of each week from her home in Milford. She was of an entrepreneurial bent, and at different times ran various family enterprises.

Karen was one of the major contributors to the effectiveness of CCSAGE, leaving us in no doubt as to her views on any given topic, expressed directly, quietly and with a touch of humour. She believed that the two wind factories proposed for her part of the County were neither safe nor appropriate, and this conviction motivated every action which she undertook for us. We laughed along with her on many things, not least her reluctance to act as the designated taker of minutes at our meetings on several occasions. She made no secret of her dislike of meetings generally and in particular of minute taking. Karen was the quintessential exemplar of “..ask a busy person to do a job and it will get done quickly, willingly and well”. She was an asset to CCSAGE of incalculable proportions and a person of the very front rank.

In accordance with her wishes there will be a small Memorial Service away from the County, and a Celebration of her life here, probably on June 27th, featuring her favourite music and musicians.

Karen enjoyed a full and happy family life and would have celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary next month. We express our deepest condolences to Steve, and to their adult children Keith, Christina (Jamie) and Scott, as well as to soon to be daughter-in-law Neelu and granddaughter Arianna.

We at CCSAGE mourn and will miss our dear friend.

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  1. She was a beautiful human being. Always so friendly and kind. I enjoyed every time I saw her at meetings and at her magical home. You will be missed.

  2. She was always so supportive of the anti-windmill cause and husband’s band Little Bluff always on the forefront, the little lady that she was, packed full of power and influence.

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