Solar Projects in Prince Edward County

Under the Green Energy Act, solar projects are now covered by three separate programs:

* microFIT: up to 10 KW, including both rooftop and small ground-based installations;

* FIT: 10 to 500 KW; ground-based installations up to 5 acres;

* Large Renewable Program (LRP): greater than 500 KW; ground-based installations averaging 10 MW and 90 acres, ranging from 5 MW to 25 MW.

The microFIT and FIT programs have predetermined prices, while the new LRP program (for wind as well as large solar) involves competitive price bids by proponents.

There is limited allotment available in 2015 under both FIT and LRP programs, so developers must find ways to maximize their appeal. One way is to obtain formal support from the municipality.

Currently there are five large solar projects located in the County, most of which are 10 MW requiring about 90 acres of land, plus a number of smaller FIT projects requiring up to 5 acres of land.

Skypower, which already owns one large solar project on Chuckery Hill Road, is proposing six more large projects for approval in 2015, ranging in size from 5 MW to 25 MW (45 to 225 acres). In all likelihood, they will ask for municipal support for their bids.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on June 25, 2015, Council received two deputations recommending against any municipal support for additional solar projects.

You can read Garth Manning’s deputation HERE and Carol Page Heyding’s deputation HERE.

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