Blanding’s Turtle Re-dux

The following article was published as a letter to the editor in the Wellington Times

Blanding’s Turtle re-dux.

It was timely for the Times to comment on the mindless funding by one provincial Ministry of an organization which had initiated a project to save the Blanding’s Turtle while another issued a permit to kill the same endangered species, as there were several contemporaneous developments in the same Alice in Wonderland nightmare which is the Green Energy Act.
Earlier this month, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce issued a devastating report. The Chamber represents 60,000 businesses in the province employing over two million people. The report emphasized that soaring electricity rates are threatening industries and businesses across the province with many commenting they expected to shut down in the next five years because of them. The Report specifically notes the huge surplus of electricity generated and its constant export at a loss borne by all Ontarians.

A separate source found that on July 4th, U.S Independence Day, Ontario’s gift to its neighbours was in the region of $5.5 million being the loss represented by the price at which it was sold compared with the cost of its production, that loss debited to all in the province who pay taxes and hydro bills. And this is a continuing daily occurrence, which according to the Auditor-General’s 2014 report cost $2.6 billion up to 2013.

Ontario has one of the largest sub/sovereign debts on the entire planet, and just a few days ago its credit rating was once again downgraded. And yet Queen’s Park insists on the continuing destruction of rural Ontario by calling for more bids for major wind and solar factories whose output is not needed and would be paid for by all Ontarians who pay taxes and hydro bills at rates above those for conventional water, nuclear and natural gas sources. And those factories will never, ever, be located in Ontario cities and towns, discrimination of almost unbelievable dimension.

Australia has a Senate that actually functions. It has been conducting a searching enquiry into wind turbine factories in its country. It recently had the benefit of testimony by a qualified health and acoustic medical expert who gave blistering evidence which made a complete mockery of the arguments by the wind industry downplaying, diminishing and denying the “obvious impacts that incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound has on human health”. The Senate also heard from a farming wife and husband who hosted several turbines for the income and have lived to regret it because of those very same effects which they have endured. The Senate’s final report is due next month and is awaited with interest.

And while on Australia, just a few days ago Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his coalition government slammed the door shut on any further government funded investment in all wind and some solar projects. Abbott is quoted as saying “not only are (industrial wind turbines) visually awful but they make a lot of noise. Up close, they’re ugly, they’re noisy and they may have all sorts of other impacts. It’s right and proper that we’re having an inquiry into the health impacts of these things”.

But in Ontario, the despoliation of rural areas continues unabated with municipalities helpless because the Green Energy Act so enacts. And now bribes are offered by large wind and solar developers spun as “vibrancy fund contributions”, with the unspoken blackmail type message that if you won’t accept you won’t get a penny (and by the way we will never sign any sort of agreement to reimburse you for damage caused to your roads, economy and tourist business, nor provide security to ensure that all the dangerous hardware is eventually removed and the hundreds of acres restored).

At the very least, Queen’s Park should restore to municipalities the right for them to decide whether or not to accept big wind and solar. At the most, a moratorium should be imposed while the whole scheme and its economics and basic common sense are re-thought and until democracy is restored.
And in a perfect world, Tony Abbott for Premier of Ontario by acclamation.

Garth Manning.

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