Soo-ee pig pig pig … roast on Friday, Oct 2 to benefit APPEC and PECFN

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Legal bills are mounting in the fight to keep Prince Edward County’s South Shore turbine free.  The ERT appeal by APPEC against the White Pines project has begun and the ERT appeal by PECFN is on-going.  What better way to make sure we can pay for the appeals, than to have a good time?

It is time to book your place for the Old Time County Pig Roast On Friday, October 2, 6 pm at Hillier Estates Winery.  The proceeds from this event will be divided between APPEC and PECFN to help pay for the ERT appeals.

We need you to book early for this one.  It’s hard to put this delicately, but Linda May has to pick the right pig and that has to happen by September 18!  To help you make the decision to book, I have put together the following list of 10 compelling reasons.

Ten reasons to attend the Pig Roast:

  1. Appreciate the support of local small businesses: Catering by Linda May, Hillier Estates Winery and Grampa’s Goodtime Gang
  2. Enjoy some” toe-tappin’,  knee-slappin’, old time music”.
  3. Enjoy roasted pork, salads and veggies.
  4. Enjoy gourmet smoked macaroni and cheese (vegetarian option), salads and veggies.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Hillier Estates Winery.
  6. Support APPEC in their appeal of the White Pines IWT project.
  7. Support PECFN in their attempt to Save Ostrander Point.
  8. Celebrate the successes so far.
  9. Prepare for the battles ahead.
  10. Have a good time with your friends.
  11. (bonus reason) You can wear your jeans.

Please go to today and book your tickets for the Old Time County Pig Roast — if possible by Sep. 18, but no later than Sep. 27.

See you there!

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