The Annual General Meeting of CCSAGE Naturally Green was held on Sunday, March 13th, 2016, at the Waring House, Picton. That same morning, Wind Concerns Ontario held its own AGM in Wellington and its members later joined us. Our meeting was deliberately open to the public, and altogether some 110 people were present, including our own members, the County Mayor and several Councillors and the editors of the two most important local papers. Each featured lengthy and accurate reports in their next editions which may be accessed at and respectively.

Following introductions by our two directors, our accountant, Mustafa Alidina, who donates his services, presented our financial statements for 2015, disclosing an excess of revenue over expenses of $8,572.00.

Two resolutions were then approved unanimously by members present. The first that the financial statement presented and explained by our accountant be received, and the second that all actions of the directors during 2015 be approved. (While those decisions were mostly day-to-day and of a routine nature, two specifically mentioned were the placing of insurance to cover directors and others for any errors in the carrying out of their obligations and the decision to apply to the Courts for a Judicial Review of all circumstances leading to the issue of a Renewable Energy Approval for 27 turbines in South Marysburgh and Athol, including the retainer of Alan Whiteley as counsel).

Highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Alan Whiteley (who also donates his services) of all of the background and reasons for the application for Judicial Review by use of slides containing relevant information. He was asked and answered a number of questions. (Please note that although Alan generously donates his professional services, unavoidable out-of- pocket expenses are estimated to be in the region of from $15 to $20 thousand).

Representatives from PECFN, APPEC and Amherst Island then gave brief updates of the respective Environmental Review Tribunal appeals relating to the proposed wind factories at Ostrander Point, South Marysburgh and Athol and Amherst Island. Warren Howard updated us on the activities of Wind Concerns Ontario, culminating in its Annual General Meeting in Wellington this morning.

And here follow the full introduction of the meeting by director Garth Manning and Report on 2015 by director and President Anne Dumbrille:

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