Victory at Ostrander Point!

Congratulations to Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and to their lawyer, Eric Gillespie, and his team.

Fittingly, on the anniversary of D-Day the Environmental Review Panel found that the remedial measures proposed by Gilead and by our Government were not acceptable and revoked Gilead’s Renewable Energy Approval for seven turbines, all to have been located on Government land and within a designated Important Bird Area.

All that now remains is for Premier Wynne to grasp the nettle and kill the project once and for all.

The proposed project made no sense from the get-go. But even so it took hundreds of thousands of dollars of money from County residents without benefit of tax receipts and six years of PECFN courage and persistence to achieve the result that should have been obvious even to the closed minds at Queen’s Park.

Much of the reasoning and precedents cited in the Gilead ERT decision will be of considerable help to APPEC at its July remedy hearing before its own White Pines ERT and to Amherst Island, whose ERT concludes today. Blanding’s Turtles abound in both places. And also to us at CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN in our application for Judicial Review of the whole, sorry, Green Energy Act fiasco.

A much-needed shot in the arm, indeed.


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  1. Fantastic news – I have been patting myself on the back for the small role I played in this. I was overjoyed when I got the ERT decision by email yesterday. My only complaint is that this should have been the front page lead story in the Whig.

  2. So great to hear this after many years of legal rangling. Kudos to all those whose hard work brought about this decision.

  3. FASTASTIC!!!!!

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  5. We are all very excited. Congratulations!!!!

    This will help raise awareness for environmental issues both sides of the border.

    Thankyou from:


  6. Amazing news! Having seen the wind farms along lake Huron, one realizes that wind turbines are by no means a green energy solution.

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