Gilead Power 99% down the drain at Ostrander Point

We are delighted to report that as of 5.00 pm yesterday, July 6th , Gilead Power had NOT appealed the revocation of its Renewable Energy Approval for 9 turbines at Ostrander Point to the Divisional Court on points of law. It is thus out of time.

The 1% which we are so far unable to confirm is whether or not it appealed to the Minister of the Environment on points other than of law. We are assuming (only) that it did not. (Under the rules governing Environmental Review Tribunals their decisions can be confirmed, altered or revoked if the Minister believes any such action is “in the public interest”).

This is an outstanding and major success for PEC Field Naturalists, the first ever defeat of a Renewable Energy Approval for a wind factory and thus of the flawed and undemocratic Green Energy Act.

This Approval should never have been granted. It was evident from the get-go that turbines in a designated Important Bird Area, the habitat of endangered species and the terminus of the largest avian flyway in Ontario on land owned by Queen’s Park in trust for all Ontarians was the very last place for such a project. It took two courageous and gifted members of a Tribunal to state the obvious in unmistakeable terms.

We at CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN believe in green energy which is safe and appropriate. Ostrander Point was neither. We join with all County residents and businesses of like mind in congratulating PECFN, their lawyer Eric Gillespie and his staff and associates on this stunning achievement.

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  1. … their decisions can be confirmed, altered or revoked if the Minister believes any such action is “in the public interest”

    How can we disabuse the Minister of any notions to alter or revoke the decision?

  2. Fred Chandler

    I have read that a combination of hydroelectricity and nuclear power is the most reliable, clean and cheap energy for the province. The problem remains to convince the population of Ontario that we should use nuclear power. There was an office in the federal government devoted to finding storage for nuclear waste.
    Fred Chandler.

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