Special Bulletin: Good News!

1.  Queen’s Park has suspended the Large Renewable Energy Procurement scheduled for 2017. This was to have included almost 1000 terrawatts of new green energy, of which 3/5ths would have been wind. Note, however, the use of the verb “suspended” rather than “cancelled”, leaving it wiggle room if required.

Thus there will be no NEW wind in the County for the time being. It is not clear what, if anything, happens to projects already approved, under appeal and unbuilt (e.g White Pines in South Marysburgh/Athol or Amherst Island).

IESO has informed Queen’s Park that “..Ontario will benefit from a robust supply of electricity over the coming decade to meet projected demand”.

One is left to guess what effect the recent by-election loss, the outrageous and mounting hydro bills, the unpopularity of the Premier and the Government’s perceived overall incompetence in handling the energy file had on the announcement. Could there at last be an awakening?

Whatever, we’ll take what’s on offer and, for the moment, be thankful.

2.  In late October County Mayor Robert Quaiff is hosting Mayors from not-a-willing host municipalities. Our lawyer handling the Judicial Review, Alan Whiteley, has been asked to speak at that meeting and both of our Directors have been invited to attend.

We’ll keep you posted.


Garth Manning, Director.

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  1. Hi Garth.
    Thanks for this good news. BTW for the ignorant, How many turbines is 3/5 of 1000 terawatts?
    Fred Chandler.

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