LRP 2 Suspended – at least for now


The Ontario Ministry of Energy announced September 27 2016 the suspension of Large Renewable Procurement 2. Scheduled for 2017, LRP 2’s targets were to be almost 1,000 MW of additional green energy, including wind 600 MW, solar 250 MW, water power 50 MW, bioenergy 30 MW.
Note it is “suspended”, but not “cancelled”. The Ministry of Energy is commissioning a new Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), to be released in 2017. The government promises consultation with all stakeholders [although not to incorporate any suggestions by those stakeholders].

The savings-by-not-purchasing will be $2.45 per month, less than 2% of the average electricity bill. Together with the 8% PST rebate, the total “savings” approaches the 10% Green Energy Benefit, which expired less than a year ago.

This does not affect the wpd White Pines turbines. For now at least, it reduces the threat in the County of wind turbine projects: Wpd White Pines Phase 2, and Algonquin Point Petre wind, as well as Skypower solar and any other new, large renewable energy project.

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  1. Hello CCSAGE,

    Many thanks for report. It seems to me that a significant part of the distress felt by County residents in resisting local windfarms is caused by the Green Energy Act overriding local government. While we seem to have a rest at present from people trying to force windfarms on us could we use this period of grace for returning some teeth to County government?

    Fred Chandler.

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