Hallowe’en, October 2016.

On Sunday, November 27th next, starting at 2.00 pm, we are hosting an information session and silent auction at Waring House in Picton. Presenting will be MPP Todd Smith, from the business community Sherry Karlo of Karlo Estates Wineries and our lawyer, Alan Whiteley. There will be brief commentaries from other groups involved in saving the County and Amherst Island from wind turbine factories. The overall message will bring the community up to date with all recent developments in fighting our own government and its overpaid wind industry acolytes, particularly relating to our own Judicial Review application on which Alan is acting as our lawyer completely on a pro bono basis. The silent auction will raise funds for the unavoidable out-of-pocket expenses such as court costs, printing and travel, estimated to be not less than $20,000 to $30,000. Be there – entry is free.


That $20,000 to $30,000 is being collected in stages. A recent request of our Members produced $3,165 to start us on the way. Many thanks to the18 individuals who generously responded. The wineries of Norman Hardie, Karlo Estates and the Grange of Prince Edward donated wine to be won by three of the donors from a draw which took place immediately following the Wellington Pumpkinfest parade. Mayor Robert Quaiff and MPP Todd Smith did the honours, and the winners were Robert Ritzer of Sheba Island and Gary Smith and Don Wakefield, both of Picton.

In keeping with the October theme, a sale of Elegant Pumpkins, painstakingly decorated by members of our Advisory Committee, added a further $1,500 to the coffers. The silent auction at the November 27th meeting will be the next, planned, fund-raising event.


The Case Management Justice, Marc Labrosse, heard two motions in Ottawa on October 21st. The first was by Mayor Higgins of North Frontenac Township asking to be added as an Intervenor to support us and the second by wpd White Pines requesting status as a Party in opposition. After a full hearing, Justice Labrosse reserved his decisions, which hopefully will be released before our November 27th event. The usual practice is should a litigant lose its case at the final Court hearing, costs are awarded against it. Traditionally, costs are never awarded to an Intervenor but are to a full Party. Thus we interpreted wpd White Pines’ motion as an attempted intimidation in the hopes that we might withdraw, it being obvious that no not-for-profit such as ours could ever have the assets to meet such an award. We are quite comfortable in having wpd White Pines as an Intervenor, and Alan so argued before Justice Labrosse. We await his decisions with interest.


Queen’s Park’s plan to use our money to offer financial help to low income hydro bill payers (don’t get us started on those monstrous hydro bills) went awry. The Minister of Energy has admitted that most of the $12 million allotted went to consultants and advertising and not to the planned beneficiaries. Why does this sound familiar in the overall Green Energy Act fiasco?

The massive wind factory in Lake Ontario offshore Wolfe and Amherst Islands is alive and kicking, despite the so-called moratorium imposed by Queen’s Park. The American proponent, Windstream, went to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands under NAFTA rules and was awarded over $25 million in damages and almost $3 million in costs. The award is against the Government of Canada as under NAFTA rules Canada is responsible for the acts of its Provinces. No doubt one Liberal government will seek to be reimbursed by the other Liberal government which was responsible for the moratorium. Yet more millions added to the same fiasco in a Province which has a surplus of energy into the foreseeable future and exports that surplus at a loss, also added….well, you know where. The ruling also confirmed that the original contract between Windstream and Ontario is still in effect. If this dreadful project ever gets built, the transmission line to the mainland will run between Amherst Island and the easterly point of Prince Edward County. On top of that, Trillium Power is also suing the Ontario government as a result of the moratorium that affects their proposed wind turbine factory on the shoals of Main Duck Island, even closer to the County.

And lastly, Ottawa plans to introduce incentives to ensure that eventually all homes will be virtually self-sufficient in energy. Now, doesn’t that sound like the “safe and appropriate” green energy in which CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN believes? And wouldn’t it have made sense if funds had been originally devoted to such an objective rather than the mind-boggling financial disaster of the Green Energy Act? We await full details from Ottawa to get a better picture.

If you have any comments or questions at any time, please contact either of our directors:

Anne Dumbrille:

Garth Manning:

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