This appeared in County Weekly News as a letter to the editor in response to an article in the previous week’s edition by CanWea, the trade organization of the wind industry, which was not identified as such.

In these Brexit/Trump/Wynne/Leitch days of constant dismal theatre, a lighter touch and even a good laugh can be had from the recurring musings of the County Sustainability Group and of its allies. Particularly those of CanWea, which is the trade organization of the wind industry although not so identified.
Humour should always be shared and CanWea certainly does that, no easy accomplishment for the advocate of a particular perspective more noted for spin. By the time a reader reaches the end of its latest crowd pleaser, she would be in stitches of laughter on the floor, more so if she lived in a County officially not-a-willing-host to wind factories where so many other readers are always on the lookout for the comedian of the day with whom to share a laugh.
Realizing that the members of CanWea had no influence on the drafting of the Green Energy Act nor profit from its one-sided implementation, that reader and her friends and neighbours in South Marysburgh , for example, (the vibrant centre of current County humour) will experience a warm feeling to learn that continuing development of the wind energy sector in Ontario will lead, among other things, to local community benefits and affordable electricity. And all contributed without thought of profit but motivated only by the sheer pleasure of invoking bemused laughter for being a bright spot in Ontario’s economy.
No doubt some comedic spark will organize a Laugh-In locally, to which will be invited a long list of other well-known and distinguished comedians, starting with the present and former Ontario Auditors-General, a bunch of prominent economists, the jokers at Hydro One and IESO and those in rural (but never, ever, urban or suburban) Ontario who have endured, or will endure, expropriation without compensation in lost value in homes and businesses, loss of heritage and landscape, demolition of local tourism, in some cases personal illness and everywhere the slaughter of birds, bats, butterflies and anything else that flies, including endangered species. Even a member of the notoriously happy Blandings’ Turtle family can be among the invitees.
This large gathering will compete for the most risible story presented on all those topics, on the billions of dollars charged back to all Ontarians in their hydro bills and taxes from so-called green energy, to the unneeded power exported daily at a huge loss, to the recent Queen’s Park statement that energy needs in Ontario are already more than adequate and good for a minimum of 10 more years, to the gas plants scandal and aftermath(s) and indeed to a whole litany of equivalent thigh-slappers.
It is doubtful whether Trump or Leitch will make it, but Wynne certainly should, will be the funniest person there and will be presented with the Humour of the Century Award. Should be a blast and CanWea will not only enjoy it but can spin it as it may.

Garth Manning.


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