N0. 11 January 2017

The Progress of the Court Case:

Our lawyer, Alan Whitely, spent October 21 in an Ottawa courtroom presenting arguments addressing the first motions of our judicial review.

WPD wanted to be a full participant in the case so they could be awarded costs should our case fail. Ron Higgins, the mayor of North Frontenac Township, asked to be an intervenor (a limited participant) in the case. The Ontario Energy Board asked that our case against them be quashed.

After two months of deliberation, a Decision was rendered. Alan’s arguments convinced the judge to deny WPD full participation in the case. Instead, they are only permitted intervenor status with restrictions that limit their witnesses, evidence, and examination of witnesses to the impact of the proceedings on their particular interests. Ron Higgins was not granted intervenor status but he will add an affidavit to the Judicial Review.

The next motions will be scheduled imminently. They include, from CCSAGE Naturally Green: one to protect CCSAGE from costs, and one to compel the government agencies to produce the records of their decision to approve the White Pines wind farm and transmission lines. A motion from OEB is to remove themselves from the case.
The 2015/16 Report of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario:

The ECO Report was released recently and several pertinent points have been pulled out of the executive summary.
“The large-scale loss of biodiversity is a crisis in Ontario and around the world. As well as invasive species, the biggest threats are human-caused habitat loss and degradation, and disease, with climate change playing a growing role. The declines of moose, bats and amphibians in Ontario demonstrate that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry needs to act urgently on habitat protection and biodiversity monitoring.” [p.4/8] ……..While white-nose syndrome is by far the major threat to Ontario’s bats; bats can suffer additional losses from human persecution and from wind turbines. The collapse of Ontario’s bat population could lead to an increase in insect pests, just as public health authorities are calling on Ontarians to protect themselves from mosquito bites because of the spread of insect-borne diseases. [p.6/8]…….In recommendations, p8/8, it says – “The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing should prohibit infrastructure in provincially significant wetlands.”
Interesting Links

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  1. Margaret. Walker

    This is such a good way to fight. It makes sense to go after the govt as we are part and deserve to be heard. Also the ravage of our environment is dicusting and this will not recover if we allow the turbines, the drain of the wetlands and the roads thru them. Did you know the .Wynn has said that no one needs to get a permit to drain the wetlands. She took that right away from the Kingston branch.
    The fight against the wind people who stand to make billions is harder .
    We have to get rid of Wynn what a waste to put up these turbines in the County and on Amherst Island for the little they will contribute. The taxpayer should know how much she is spending on the extra new cement plants. The new harbour fo Amherst, the new ferry and the cost of bringing those parts that will destroy our roads and the cost of all the new transmission wires. They spent millions putting up all those new hydro wires to Ostranger Point as they were so sure they could win.

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