CCSAGE points to Deficiencies in the draft Technical Requirements proposed for the decommissioning of the wpd Turbines

There are deficiencies in the draft Technical Requirements proposed for the de-commissioning of the WPD IWTs (New regulation under the Environmental Protection Act to close the White Pines Wind Project ERO number 013-3835 Comment period end Dec 1, 2018).

The response from CCSAGE regarding the draft requirements includes comments/recommendations on the areas below. For the full detailed response submitted by CCSAGE click on the link…  Decommissioning input from CCSAGE

1. Overall Comment regarding: consistency with the wpd White Pines decommissioning plan, and “agreement with landowner”
2. Two year closure period
3. Monitoring including construction period
4. Removal of lines
5. Surface and ground water
6. Stormwater management
7. Unknown high water mark
8. Damage and impacts
9. Storm water pollution
10. Seasonal travel corridors

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