Recorded Minutes of the CCSAGE 2019 Annual General Meeting,March 31,2019

Recorded Minutes

Location: Waring Hall, Waring House, Picton

Meeting called to order at 2:08pm

Chairs remarks: Anne Dumbrille

Anne referenced the current status including: WPD turbines still standing, no compensation for those affected, no turbine setbacks defined, WPD turbines manufactured “out of compliance” and other subjects.

Anne declared that those “paid up” members for 2018 would have their memberships considered paid for 2019. She mentioned that CCSAGE was not in a need for cash and identified the other County organizations which are in need of funds, among them APPEC, PECFN and South Shore Joint Initiative.

There would be no requirement for an election of directors as both Anne’s and John Hirsch’s terms had not concluded.

Garth Manning is retiring from the CCSAGE Advisory Committee.

Anne acknowledged the significant contribution that Garth has made over his tenure on the Board and the Committee.

Garth was not in attendance and Anne identified the gift that Garth would be receiving.

Minutes of the 2018 AGM:

Motion to accept the minutes as presented made by Cynthia Huff and seconded by Alison Walker.  Motion passed.

Financial statements:

Mustafa Alidina reviewed the December 31, 2018 financial results.

Motion to accept the financial statements as presented made by Bruce Nicholson and seconded by John Hirsch. Motion passed.

Mayor Steve Ferguson was introduced by Chair Anne. Steve expressed his gratitude to CCSAGE and its supporters as well as acknowledging the efforts of MPP Todd Smith.

John Hirsch spoke on behalf of MPP Todd Smith. 

From a recent telephone conversation with Todd, the WPD turbines will not “come down” until after the period of blanding turtles movement. Health, safety, water quality, set-back issues are still being addressed by the new government. Todd advised of the volume of work required and the shortage of resources.

Current Status of Legal Actions:

Alan Whiteley delivered an update on the issues that residents are facing with wind turbines as well as the legal proceedings that CCSAGE has initiated.


Bruce Nicholson delivered an address on the subject of harnessing water for power including the potential sites and developments in hydroelectric generation of small scale projects and the harnessing of power from tides and waves.

Adjournment: Anne Dumbrille adjourned the meeting at 3:10pm

The annual meeting of Wind Concerns Ontario followed the CCSAGE meeting.

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