January 17, 10 am Picton Court House

People across the province are still suffering adverse effects when residing near industrial wind turbines.  We urge you to come out and support CCSAGE court challenge.
Here are the details:
CCSAGE’s pending motions will be argued for a full day in the Picton courthouse on Friday, January 17th commencing at 10am

Motions are usually argued in a small courtroom on the ground floor. If enough CCSAGE observers are present, we will ask the court to move the hearing to the larger courtroom.
The hearing is of CCSAGE’s constitutional challenge to the Green Energy Act (GEA). 
The Attorney General (AG) has served a motion to strike the application in its entirety. 
The AG is trying to demonstrate that CCSAGE has no basis recognizable at law for its claim and thus no right to pursue the application.
We think that the AG position is weak.
In a similar case, the AG sought to strike a claim relating to National Steel Car, a Hamilton manufacturer which is a “heavy electricity user” .
National Steel Car saw its electricity costs increase dramatically because of a dramatic increase in the Global Adjustment (GA) expenditures. 
The Court of Appeal held that on an AG motion to strike, the Court must consider all of the facts pleaded in the Notice of Application and in the supporting affidavits to be proven as true.
Recently, the Minister cancelled a turbine project in eastern Ontario, essentially saying that the approval process and ERT decisions had made incorrect conclusions.
In the motion faced by CCSAGE, we have filed 15 volumes of affidavit evidence, all of which must be considered proven as true in determining whether the CCSAGE application should be stricken or proceed.
CCSAGE has responded to the AGs motion with 5 additional volumes of evidence.
Please attend and show the court we care. 



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