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Special Bulletin: Good News!

1.  Queen’s Park has suspended the Large Renewable Energy Procurement scheduled for 2017. This was to have included almost 1000 terrawatts of new green energy, of which 3/5ths would have been wind. Note, however, the use of the verb “suspended” rather than “cancelled”, leaving it wiggle room if required.

Thus there will be no NEW wind in the County for the time being. It is not clear what, if anything, happens to projects already approved, under appeal and unbuilt (e.g White Pines in South Marysburgh/Athol or Amherst Island).

IESO has informed Queen’s Park that “..Ontario will benefit from a robust supply of electricity over the coming decade to meet projected demand”.

One is left to guess what effect the recent by-election loss, the outrageous and mounting hydro bills, the unpopularity of the Premier and the Government’s perceived overall incompetence in handling the energy file had on the announcement. Could there at last be an awakening?

Whatever, we’ll take what’s on offer and, for the moment, be thankful.

2.  In late October County Mayor Robert Quaiff is hosting Mayors from not-a-willing host municipalities. Our lawyer handling the Judicial Review, Alan Whiteley, has been asked to speak at that meeting and both of our Directors have been invited to attend.

We’ll keep you posted.


Garth Manning, Director.

Fighting back against Wynne’s gridmonsters

Originally published in the Toronto Sun on July 21, 2016 by Jim McPherson.

Ontario has few unspoiled “getaway” destinations for city folks, but Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government has been perpetrating a prolonged assault on scores of bucolic places.

Industrial wind turbines, gridmonsters as I prefer to call them, have been the chosen weapon of defilement.

Just as loggers despoiled Prince Edward County’s virgin countryside nearly 100 years ago by harvesting the majestic white pines, Wynne’s gang has been forcing gridmonsters upon the County, and upon many other unwilling rural municipalities.

These attacks on Ontario’s countryside have been a collaborative effort, led by Wynne and aided by her accomplices.

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Gilead Power 99% down the drain at Ostrander Point

We are delighted to report that as of 5.00 pm yesterday, July 6th , Gilead Power had NOT appealed the revocation of its Renewable Energy Approval for 9 turbines at Ostrander Point to the Divisional Court on points of law. It is thus out of time.

The 1% which we are so far unable to confirm is whether or not it appealed to the Minister of the Environment on points other than of law. We are assuming (only) that it did not. (Under the rules governing Environmental Review Tribunals their decisions can be confirmed, altered or revoked if the Minister believes any such action is “in the public interest”).

This is an outstanding and major success for PEC Field Naturalists, the first ever defeat of a Renewable Energy Approval for a wind factory and thus of the flawed and undemocratic Green Energy Act.

This Approval should never have been granted. It was evident from the get-go that turbines in a designated Important Bird Area, the habitat of endangered species and the terminus of the largest avian flyway in Ontario on land owned by Queen’s Park in trust for all Ontarians was the very last place for such a project. It took two courageous and gifted members of a Tribunal to state the obvious in unmistakeable terms.

We at CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN believe in green energy which is safe and appropriate. Ostrander Point was neither. We join with all County residents and businesses of like mind in congratulating PECFN, their lawyer Eric Gillespie and his staff and associates on this stunning achievement.

Ottawa silent on wind turbine noise

Originally published in the Toronto Sun on June 29, 2016 by Jim McPherson.

The federal government’s inaction on wind turbine noise is making Canadians sick.

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Health Canada’s $2-million study determined low-frequency acoustic waves from industrial wind turbines cause community annoyance.

According to the World Health Organization, unwanted noise, even at a moderate level, can lead to a myriad of adverse health outcomes, including stress-related symptoms such as sleep disturbance, elevated blood pressure, cardiac events and depression.

It’s a “green” form of radiation sickness.

Canada’s Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) is supposed to regulate the design and operation of devices that emit radiation, such as microwave ovens and tanning beds.

In sworn testimony at an environmental review tribunal, a Health Canada official confirmed industrial wind turbines — large, noise-emitting devices — are regulated by REDA.

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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada

Below you will find a link to the open letter written to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Minister of Health and Associate Director at Health Canada requesting a meeting with the Minister to discuss compliance by the wind turbine industry with the Radiation Emitting Devices Act and wind turbine industry compliance obligations, and the need to conduct an investigation of related complaints.

The letter includes issues with the design of Health Canada’s wind turbine noise and health study with interpretation of the results, and implications regarding the fact that wind turbines fall under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act as industrial Act.

We have been informed that there are numerous signatures supporting this letter. Those who wish to add their support can do so by contacting Barb Ashbee at

Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding industrial wind turbines June 2016 

20 cures for Ontario’s green energy disaster

Originally published in the Toronto Sun on June 14, 2016 by Jim McPherson.

The Ontario government has massively subsidized with our money the creation of wind and solar factories across the province that are unhealthy and unsafe, both for human beings and the wildlife we claim to care about.

Wind factories are unsafe because they make many of their human neighbours sick.

They are proven killers of birds, bats and other wildlife.

Wind turbine noise causes community annoyance, as determined by a 2014 Health Canada study that was denied scientific peer review.

Health Canada has set no standards for potentially harmful acoustic radiations from industrial wind turbines, the largest radiating devices in rural communities.

An Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal confirmed last week that a wind turbine project would cause serious and irreversible harm to endangered Blanding’s turtles in Prince Edward County. Read the rest of this entry