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Welcome to the Naturally Green campaign and the CCSAGE blog / website.  Please click on the subpages for more on the topics covered in our insert in the July 4  insert in the Picton Gazette.

In addition you can explore the whole site for previous articles on the wind issue as it pertains to the County.

  1. please send me mailing address….my donation was undelivered for some reason.

    Thanks, Sherri

  2. Already Premier Wynne knows of this vast opposition to the Industrial Wind Turbine scam. She has spoken one on one to group representatives and even broached the comment, “will not be imposed on unwilling hosts”, with NO change. The Premier can no longer hide behind her Ministers and paid administrators on this unjust undemocratic law. It has appeared become partisan, only in the absence of just representation for rural residents from the Gov of Ontario and many ex Provincial Liberals have had to turn to neo Cons to speak for them. Mr. Trudeau certainly did not help himself by seeking the support of the Ontario Liberals. If the “Green Energy Act” of Ontario is the intended method or example of implementing energy initiatives, then it will be “open season” on the rights of rural Canadians Nationally. PREMIER WYNN, DO THE RIGHT THING, PUT A MORATORIUM ON THESE COMMUNITY KILLING BEHEMOTHS AND THEIR SCAMMING PROPONENTS AND READ THE SCIENCE AND CONCERNS OF THE OTHER SIDE. it is not what but where and bird and wildlife sanctuaries of Amherst Island and PEC are NOT the place. (Comment to “The Times” Wellington. Sept 23, 2015. article: “Fixing a Bad law.”)

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