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March, 2016.  The White Pines ERT refused APPEC’s request to prohibit immediate vegetation-clearing activities by wpd on the turbine-hosting properties, with reasons to be provided later.  APPEC has appealed to Divisional Court, but was rebuffed.

April, 2016.  The decision of the Ostrander Point ERT on the proposed remedy to limit Blanding’s turtle from road-related losses is expected this month.

Sat, Apr 23, 2016.  PECFN’s Tapas and Wine Tasting event at the Picton Curling Club, Picton Fairgrounds, 5:30 to 10:00 pm.  Tapas prepared by Michael Hoy, with wines selected and introduced by Ian Hanna.  $70 for dinner incl tax & tip; wine tickets extra.  Reserve HERE.

Tue, Apr 26, 2016.  PEC Council will consider approval of a draft Road Users Agreement with wpd  for White Pines.  Shire Hall, 1:00 pm.  Attendance encouraged.

Late June – early July, 2016.  The  White Pines ERT  hearing will reconvene to consider new evidence re proposed mitigation of harms to Blanding’s Turtle and Little Brown Bat.

Lucky Draw winners of County Wine!

CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN thanks its members who contributed almost $5,000 towards our Judicial Review expenses in the recent Elegant Pumpkin and Direct On-Line appeals. The names of all donors went into the hat for a draw for three prizes of donated County wine. With Remembrance and Poppy days on the horizon the hat in question was that of a former Captain of HMCS Vancouver, a Royal Canadian Navy frigate of the Halifax class, with a County connection.

The draw was made today by Mayor Quaiff and MPP Todd Smith at the conclusion of the Pumpkinfest parade. In order the winners are Robert Ritzer, Garry Smith and Don Wakefield. Congratulations to each of them and thank you to all who donated.



(1) Yesterday, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) announced that bids would open for a further 150 megawatts of electricity on October 31st. The news release by Energy Minister Thibeault on September 27th announced to great fanfare that the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP 2) in process would be suspended, halting procurement of over 1,000 megawatts of energy, including wind and solar. IESO had established that Ontario has a robust supply of electricity over the coming decade to meet demand. Neither yesterday’s IESO announcement nor Thibeault’s news release disclosed that the further 150 megawatts in question had been referred to in the then Energy Minister’s letter of April 5th, 2016, to IESO as a requirement imposed on IESO.

The general reaction to Thibeault’s news release was one of temporary relief that no new wind or solar factories would be imposed on unwilling hosts in 2017. It now seems that to regard it as a cynical ploy motivated politically might be more appropriate.

(2) The Business Section of today’s Globe and Mail under the byline of Richard Blackwell believes that an announcement may soon be made that Windstream Energy, whose massive offshore wind factory not too far from the County was cancelled by Queen’s Park, has been awarded damages of about $25.2 million plus costs of about $2.9 million. The awards were given by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, sitting in the Netherlands, under NAFTA rules. Under those rules, Ottawa is responsible for the actions of the Provinces, so the awards were made against the Government of Canada.

We will follow up on this story as it develops, including how one Liberal government will react against another for the disastrous outcome.


LRP 2 Suspended – at least for now


The Ontario Ministry of Energy announced September 27 2016 the suspension of Large Renewable Procurement 2. Scheduled for 2017, LRP 2’s targets were to be almost 1,000 MW of additional green energy, including wind 600 MW, solar 250 MW, water power 50 MW, bioenergy 30 MW.
Note it is “suspended”, but not “cancelled”. The Ministry of Energy is commissioning a new Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), to be released in 2017. The government promises consultation with all stakeholders [although not to incorporate any suggestions by those stakeholders].

The savings-by-not-purchasing will be $2.45 per month, less than 2% of the average electricity bill. Together with the 8% PST rebate, the total “savings” approaches the 10% Green Energy Benefit, which expired less than a year ago.

This does not affect the wpd White Pines turbines. For now at least, it reduces the threat in the County of wind turbine projects: Wpd White Pines Phase 2, and Algonquin Point Petre wind, as well as Skypower solar and any other new, large renewable energy project.


On September 19th, The Saskatchewan Minister of the Environment refused approval for a possible 79 turbines to be located in Chaplin, 200 kilometres west of Regina. The proponent was the same one that intends to blanket our own Amherst Island with turbines, a subsidiary of Algonquin Power Co.
The Ministers’ welcome decision was based on the unique nature of the project area and the importance to the sustainability of populations of migratory shorebirds and waterfowl, the potential for mortality of migratory birds including species at risk and disruption to migratory flyways and also that none of the proposed mitigations would satisfactorily address the potential effects of the project within a known migratory corridor.
Every one of the Minister’s findings could, and should, be applied to the flyway from Wolfe Island through Ernestown, Amherst Island and the County’s south shore but Queen’s Park refuses to apply these basic principles of common sense, instead deliberately restricting evidence on appeal before Environmental Review Tribunals to harm to human health and serious and irreversible harm to the environment. Evidence such as that rightly considered in Saskatchewan is not allowed, nor is evidence about damage to local economies, heritage and landscape.
On the same day, Saskatchewan issued guidelines for future renewable energy projects, including a five kilometre buffer zone around environmentally sensitive areas and putting proponents on notice that applications for projects in higher risk sites will inevitably lead to approval delays, operational restrictions and higher costs.
Queen’s Park has much to learn from its sister Province; the tragedy to rural Ontario is that it won’t.
Garth Manning.

(we very much appreciate John Hirsch having brought the Saskatchewan decision to our attention).

The Elegant Pumpkin Fundraiser: Sunday, October 2


Special Bulletin: Good News!

1.  Queen’s Park has suspended the Large Renewable Energy Procurement scheduled for 2017. This was to have included almost 1000 terrawatts of new green energy, of which 3/5ths would have been wind. Note, however, the use of the verb “suspended” rather than “cancelled”, leaving it wiggle room if required.

Thus there will be no NEW wind in the County for the time being. It is not clear what, if anything, happens to projects already approved, under appeal and unbuilt (e.g White Pines in South Marysburgh/Athol or Amherst Island).

IESO has informed Queen’s Park that “..Ontario will benefit from a robust supply of electricity over the coming decade to meet projected demand”.

One is left to guess what effect the recent by-election loss, the outrageous and mounting hydro bills, the unpopularity of the Premier and the Government’s perceived overall incompetence in handling the energy file had on the announcement. Could there at last be an awakening?

Whatever, we’ll take what’s on offer and, for the moment, be thankful.

2.  In late October County Mayor Robert Quaiff is hosting Mayors from not-a-willing host municipalities. Our lawyer handling the Judicial Review, Alan Whiteley, has been asked to speak at that meeting and both of our Directors have been invited to attend.

We’ll keep you posted.


Garth Manning, Director.



AUGUST, 2016.

Donations required.
Current news about our Judicial Review Application appears later. Our lawyer, Alan Whiteley, is donating his services pro bono for which we are extremely grateful. However, there will be substantial out of pocket expenses for such things as printing, court costs, and travel (hearing of motions and the case itself will be in Ottawa). We estimate those as between $20 and $30 thousand. Your annual membership fee of $10 (individual) and $20 (family) is currently for the 12 month period which commenced on April 1st, 2016. We have over 150 members, of whom about one-third have paid those dues.

So, here’s a chance to bring your membership up to date and donate something extra towards those out of pocket expenses.

Due to the generosity of Norman Hardie Wines (Norm Hardie), Karlo Estates Winery (Sherry Karlo) and Grange of Prince Edward (Caroline Granger) we are awash in outstanding County wine to form prizes in a draw for those giving donations, inclusive of membership fee.

Upon receipt before October 15th, 2016, your name will be placed in the hat one or more times in relation to the size of your donation:

Donations up to $50 – one.
Donations up to $99 – two.
Donations over $99 – three.

After October 15th, 2016, names will be drawn from the hat for the following prizes:

First Prize: Four bottles of Norman Hardie Estate 2014 chardonnay PLUS four bottles of Karlo Estates 2013 Triumvirate (red).

Second prize: Two bottles of Karlo Estates 2013 Triumvirate PLUS two bottles of Norman Hardie Estate 2014 chardonnay.
Third prize: Three bottles of different Grange of Prince Edward vintages.

Please contribute in one of two ways. (1) – go to our website at, find and press the button “donate” and follow the instructions using PayPal; or (2) – send a cheque by mail or delivery to CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN at 17203 Loyalist Parkway, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0. But if using the cheque method, please be aware of the possibility of a Canada Post lockout or strike. Using the PayPal alternative is preferable.

Winners will be notified and prizes personally delivered to a County address at a time to be arranged with each winner.

Note that an information session is being planned for later this year at which more donated wine, a valuable Tasting Voucher for 12 people and other items will be auctioned.

Status of Judicial Review.
Justice Marc Labrossse has been appointed our Case Management Judge. He will hear motions on October 21st by White Pines (aka wpd Canada, the proponent of the 27 turbines in South Marysburgh and Athol) to be added as a contrary party to our action and by the Municipality of North Frontenac also to be added in our support. At that time, he will set dates for further motions to be dealt with before the case is hopefully eventually heard in Ottawa by a panel of three Justices of the Superior Court of Ontario in 2017. Meanwhile, in preparation we have obtained affidavits (evidence is by affidavit, not in the conventional oral manner) from over 30 individuals in support of our allegations, all knowledgeable in their fields, most from the County but some from areas of rural Ontario already afflicted with wind factories.

Other news.
The Gilead wind factory at Ostrander Point is finally dead, dispatched by a courageous Tribunal and the persistence of the PEC Field Naturalists. White Pines’ 27 turbines have also received the thumbs down from another Tribunal, subject however to a further hearing later this year to determine if there are any viable remedies to protect the two endangered species found to be at risk. But Amherst Island is to be swamped with turbines; no property on the island will be more than 2 kilometres from a turbine, if built. It is believed that this regrettable decision will be appealed.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our directors:

Anne Dumbrille:

Garth Manning:

Fighting back against Wynne’s gridmonsters

Originally published in the Toronto Sun on July 21, 2016 by Jim McPherson.

Ontario has few unspoiled “getaway” destinations for city folks, but Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government has been perpetrating a prolonged assault on scores of bucolic places.

Industrial wind turbines, gridmonsters as I prefer to call them, have been the chosen weapon of defilement.

Just as loggers despoiled Prince Edward County’s virgin countryside nearly 100 years ago by harvesting the majestic white pines, Wynne’s gang has been forcing gridmonsters upon the County, and upon many other unwilling rural municipalities.

These attacks on Ontario’s countryside have been a collaborative effort, led by Wynne and aided by her accomplices.

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