Become an expert on the wind turbine issue in 8 minutes flat

Well .. maybe not an expert.  But you’ll get a good snapshot of most of the  issues relating to wind turbines and the Green Energy Act by watching the following 8-minute video, produced by the London and St. Thomas Alliance of Realtors (LSTAR).

Industrial wind turbines and their effect on our quality of life

Industrial wind turbines are springing up all over Ontario and people living close to them are concerned about what impact they might have, both on their personal wellbeing and on the value and enjoyment of their property. So are Ontario’s REALTORS®. Listen to LSTAR’s President-Elect, Doug Pedlar, as he presents the case for a moratorium on wind turbines until all the facts are in.

Here’s the video: .

Note: The only issue not referenced in the video is the negative impact on the local economy — tourism, new construction / renovations and new business startups  — due to industrialization from large-scale uncontrolled wind energy development.

Please send this link to anyone else who might benefit from seeing the video.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am very much opposed to the industrial wind turbines that are being proposed in my area. HOWEVER – I take exception to the emphasis on money that your expert primer takes. There are many people like me who are concerned with things like damage to the environment and the introduction of industrial scale operations in rural settings. I and many others also oppose the way these industrial wind projects are being introduced – by an unholy alliance of government and industry – without general community consent. I would like to see communities come up with their own ideas for power generation, ideas that would benefit the communities themselves, not the bottom line of corporate interests.
    If CCSAGE wishes to claim it is a coalition, I think it should try to represent the broad range of objections to industrial wind turbines in our region.

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